Office of Justice Programs Solutions for Safer Communities - BJA - FY 2013 - Annual Report to Congress

Message From the Director

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), a component of the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs, was created in 1984 to reduce violent crime, restore security in communities, and reform our nation's criminal justice system through the development and implementation of policy, services, and sound grant management. We are proud to be a national leader in providing training, technical assistance, funding, and other resources to state, local, and tribal jurisdictions seeking solutions to their unique public safety needs.

This is an exciting time for criminal justice reform. We know so much more now than ever before about what works in the criminal justice field. Because of improved data and action-based research, we have more opportunities to achieve true systems reform that results in lower crime and stronger communities. BJA is at the forefront of this movement, inspiring collaboration and innovation across the country, fostering program accountability, and investing in data-driven, evidence-based programs and practices that are proving to save taxpayers money while making neighborhoods safer.

The programs featured in this report highlight BJA's successes in fiscal year 2013, but they would not be possible without our longstanding and bipartisan partnerships throughout the field. Time and again, our state, local, and tribal partners have demonstrated willingness to pilot new approaches, engage in systemwide reforms, and be held accountable through research and evaluation. Their contribution has uniquely positioned BJA to adapt innovations directly from the field and to disseminate evidence-based and promising practices to every corner of the nation. Additionally, our partners join us in dedication to increasing program effectiveness through data analysis, information sharing, and performance management.

As BJA's Director, I applaud the many achievements of the men and women who, with the support of BJA and collaborative efforts at the state and local levels, have made such a difference in their communities. It is an honor to participate in nationwide successes that enable our partners to build exciting, worthwhile projects tailored to their local needs and conditions.

Thank you for taking the time to review this annual report and for your commitment to making our nation's communities safer. I look forward to meeting tomorrow's challenges and sharing our success with the many partners that make it possible.


Denise E. O’Donnell