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'Looking backwards can tell us a whole lot about moving forward'
See how funding from BJA's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) has impacted Cuyahoga County, Ohio's efforts to address evidence backlogs, prosecute offenders, and better serve victims.

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News 2017
Nearly $43 Million Awarded to Support the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Add to Favorite

BJA has awarded almost $43 million via 32 grants to support the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI), an effort to strengthen jurisdictions’ capacity to act on evidence resulting from sexual assault kits. Learn more about SAKI and the FY 2018 awards.

Resources 2017
Promising Strategies for Strengthening Homicide Investigations Add to Favorite

With support from BJA, the Police Executive Research Forum conducted a multi-year project to assess homicide investigation practices in five cities: Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, and Pittsburgh. This report summarizes the lessons learned from those studies.

Resources 2017
Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide Add to Favorite

Developed by the Major Cities Chiefs Association with support from BJA, this resource outlines actions and activities that are relatable agency to agency and that have contributed to successful crime-fighting strategies throughout the country.

Funding created 2017
Anticipated FY 2019 Solicitations that Support Law Enforcement Add to Favorite

This resource highlights different law enforcement solicitations that are expected to be available from BJA in FY 2019, including opportunities that relate to body-worn cameras, human trafficking investigations, opioids, school safety, and more.


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