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What is the BVP 50% Hardship Waiver?

The BVP Hardship Waiver allows jurisdictions with FY 2009 and later year BVP funds to request up to 100% the cost of each vest with their awarded funding instead of the normal 50%. This change provides jurisdictions in financial hardship with the ability to purchase vests even if they are unable to meet the 50% match.

Jurisdictions requesting a waiver of the 50% match requirement may not use BVP funds toward the purchase of any vest with a total unit cost greater than $1,200; excluding taxes, shipping and handling fees (if any) to maximize funding for all eligible jurisdictions. All standard BVP vest requirements apply to the eligible vest types.

Additionally, jurisdictions requesting a waiver have to meet criteria of financial or natural disaster hardship. The jurisdictions have to cite the source of their financial hardship during the waiver request process. Jurisdictions will be expected to keep documentation substantiating the financial hardship for four years and realize the waiver requests are open to Bureau of Justice Assistance and Office of the Inspector General audits.

Finally, all applicant jurisdictions, requesting a waiver of the 50% match, are required to certify that the jurisdiction's Chief Executive Officer formally accepts the request for the waiver and confirms the waiver justification provided. The certification must list the highest elected official from the requesting jurisdiction in order to be approved.


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