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What does the term "Law Enforcement Officer" mean?

A Law Enforcement Officer is any officer, agent, or employee of any unit of government.

According to the Act, the term 'Law Enforcement Officer' means any officer, agent, or employee of a State, unit of local government, or an Indian tribe authorized by law or by a government agency to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, or investigation of any violation of criminal law, or authorized by law to supervise sentenced criminal offenders. This includes full, part-time and auxiliary personnel, whether paid or volunteer.

Below is a list of general job categories determined to be eligible for this program. Personnel not on this list may be eligible and should contact the Vest Help Desk for more information.

Police Officers
Sheriff Deputies
Adult and Juvenile Jail
Detention Center and Correctional Institution Officers
Judicial Officers
Prosecutorial Officers
Transit Authority Police
Fire Marshals
Arson Investigators
State Patrol Officer
Transit Police
County and City College and University Police
Park, Conservation Police
Harbor/Port Authority Police
Traffic and Code Enforcement Officers
Liquor Control/Authority Investigators
Juvenile Probation Officers
Adult Parole and Probation Officers
Police Chaplains

The following categories are generally considered outside the scope of the Act and are ineligible.

Federal Employees
Vests for K-9 dogs
Private College and University Police Officers
Emergency Medical Personnel
Fire and Rescue Personnel
Private Correctional Officers or private police officers under contract with a Local, State, or Tribal government to provide related services.*

* If officers, agents or employees engaged in private police or correctional work are being paid by an eligible jurisdiction and rely on that jurisdiction to provide for their personal equipment needs, they may be eligible for funds. However, the police/correctional officers or their corporate employers may not apply directly.

If you have officers in your jurisdiction not listed, please contact the Vest Help Desk for a determination regarding their eligibility (1-877-75VESTS). 


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