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How is armor submitted for testing?

The manufacturer submitting an armor model for testing must first negotiate a testing contract with an NIJ-approved testing laboratory. Neither NIJ nor NLECTC accepts any payment for testing services. The manufacturer then submits samples to NLECTC, where they are examined for workmanship and labeling requirements, which are defined in the NIJ Standards. If the samples successfully complete this examination, they are sent to the approved laboratory that the manufacturer has negotiated the testing contract with. The laboratory performs the test in accordance with the standard, and prepares a report of the test results. The samples and the report are returned to NLECTC, where they are again examined and compared to the laboratory report. If the armor complies with the standard, a letter is issued to the manufacturer for that model and the model is listed on the Personal Body Armor Consumer Product List (CPL), which can be accessed at ^ .


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