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BJA has stated that it does not anticipate funding projects that propose allocating more than 50 percent of their grant funds to SAK testing. What if upon completion of the inventory it is discovered that not all SAKs will be able to be tested using

BJA recognizes that this might be the case. This grant program is intended to assist jurisdictions develop a comprehensive approach to the issue of unsubmitted SAKs and sexual assault case response. Therefore, projects must allocate adequate resources to investigate and prosecute cases and enhance victim support and notification services in response to the evidence garnered through the testing process. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding for testing from additional sources if needed. BJA’s TTA provider will also work with grant recipients to attempt to identify additional non-BJA funding resources for the SAK testing component, if required. For example, some law enforcement agencies have previously received philanthropic donations to assist with the processing of SAKs.


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