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How does the National Reentry Resource Center support my Second Chance Act grant activities?

The National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) provides technical assistance to help grantees make the most of their federal grant dollars to support sustainable, successful, and evidence-based reentry initiatives. Since the NRRC was launched in 2009, it has provided support to each of the more than 600 Second Chance Act (SCA) grantees—a variety of state, local, and tribal government agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations—that offer a range of services to various adult and juvenile target populations. Despite differences among programs, the technical assistance available from the NRRC focuses on four key components that reflect federal priorities for the SCA grant program:

1. The formation of strong, collaborative relationships at the state and local level, across all branches of government, and among service systems to plan and implement comprehensive approaches to improving reentry policies and practices.

2. The integration of rigorous practices to:

o measure progress on reducing recidivism rates and improving other reentry outcomes;
o analyze data;
o share essential information with policymakers and practitioners; and
o use data to guide reentry policy, practice, and resource allocation.

3. The adoption and effective implementation of core principles and practices demonstrated by research to reduce recidivism and improve other reentry outcomes, including an emphasis on the principles of Risk, Need, and Responsivity.
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4. The development of reentry programs, policies, and practices that are sustainable, replicable, and foster long-term improvements to reentry recidivism rates and other reentry outcomes.


Each grantee is assigned to a member of the NRRC reentry program staff (i.e., a technical assistance provider) who will provide support throughout the course of the grant. Your NRRC contact will provide technical assistance that responds to the unique opportunities, challenges, and objectives of your grant program and your proposed grant activities. Below are just a few examples of the assistance available through the NRRC.



The NRRC Can...        

By Providing...
… connect grantees to research and materials, learning opportunities, and outside expertise …

• a library of publications, tools, and news items on reentry, whether overall or specifically on reentry
• regular distance learning opportunities (e.g., webinars) with national practitioners and academic experts
• individual consultation with subject matter experts and experienced practitioners


… support your team’s planning and implementation through on-and off-site technical assistance …

• a Planning and Implementation Guide that details the elements needed for a successful reentry initiative and offers a roadmap for assessing and improving your reentry policies and practices
• insights on roadblocks that past SCA grantees have encountered and strategies used to work around them
• advice, templates, checklists, and tools for assessing your system, and developing a strategic plan to prioritize, implement, and sustain your efforts


… link to your peers …

• hosted peer learning forums as well as referrals to peers and past SCA recipients with similar programs and objectives.
• forums to publicize your programs’ work and to learn from the work of your peers.
• a national technical assistance and training conference dedicated to reentry during the first year of your grant



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