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How does Purpose Area 2, Collection of Lawfully Owed DNA from Convicted Offenders to Assist with Sexual Assault Investigations and Prosecutions, relate to the overall goals of SAKI?

Purpose Area 2 is intended to improve SAKI sites’ capacity to resolve cases associated with previously unsubmitted SAKs tested under Phase 1 of their SAKI project. As many practitioners and advocates are aware, DNA has not been collected from potentially thousands of convicted offenders across the United States (including sex offenders) due to the lack of coordinated DNA collections in some jurisdictions, as well as the frequent inability for rural and smaller municipalities to collect samples from offenders during booking/processing. This directly impacts law enforcement’s ability to solve sexual assault cases (and other crimes) using DNA. One of the key components of SAKI is the successful investigation, suspect identification, and prosecution of the cases associated with the unsubmitted SAKs. The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is an extremely valuable tool for solving crimes but only if it is properly utilized and populated. In order to take full advantage of the power of DNA technology to solve cases resulting from the tested evidence in previously untested SAKS and provide long-awaited justice for sexual assault victims, FY 2015 SAKI-funded jurisdictions are eligible to apply for funding to expand the number of convicted offender samples in the CODIS database. 


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