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Can Purpose Area 2 funding be used for DNA collections from all eligible convicted offenders as opposed to those believed to be sexual offenders?

DNA collection must be targeted toward offenders who have a likelihood of being linked to cases associated with the jurisdiction’s previously unsubmitted SAKs. For example, such offenders may have prior convictions for sex offenses or may have sex-related crimes documented in their criminal history. Upon completing the census of convicted offenders from whom DNA has not been collected, grantees should review each offender’s criminal history and prioritize collection from any offenders previously arrested, convicted, or the subject of investigation for crimes related to sexual assault. The goal of this purpose area is to enable the appropriate law enforcement and correctional authorities in existing SAKI sites to plan and implement coordinated DNA collections of lawfully owed samples, testing, and CODIS uploads in accordance with applicable state law and for the purpose of resolving sexual assault cases associated with previously unsubmitted SAKs.


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