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Does the SAKI Coordinator run this project as well, or can it be a different person?

No. The applicant must designate a specific individual as the SAKI Offender DNA Collection Coordinator and describe how this individual will work with the existing SAKI working group to ensure coordination of efforts; plan and perform DNA collections from convicted offenders to inform investigations and prosecutions of cases resulting from evidence provided by previously unsubmitted SAKs; and access criminal records and other sensitive law enforcement records. The DNA Collection Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project, including the census of convicted offenders; coordination with SAKI investigators to prioritize offender DNA collections; coordination of offender DNA testing and CODIS upload; monitoring law enforcement agencies’ adherence to protocol(s) related to victim notification; coordinating victim services, tracking status of CODIS Hits and subsequent investigations and prosecutions that result; and reporting performance measures to BJA.


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