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May a designated state agency use “salary” rather than “gross or net income” in determining which applicants have the least ability to repay their loans (in regards to the JRJ Program)?

Yes. A state may use an applicant’s salary instead of gross or net income. Page 6 of the JRJ solicitation, under “State Compliance with Statutory Requirements” reads: “States may use their own discretion in identifying a methodology that best identifies a person’s ability to repay their loans; however, at a minimum, this plan should include an assessment of the following. . . .” As this language suggests, states are given discretion and flexibility to identify the appropriate factors to determine “the least ability to repay.” BJA is relying on these agencies to apply their knowledge and expertise to determine such formula. In the future, should a best practice be determined, BJA will provide additional guidance on the “least ability to repay.”

As of 4/3/2018


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