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I’ve signed multiple service agreements under my original 3-year service agreement. Do these service agreements add compounded service time?

Through the first 3 years of the program, JRJ beneficiaries have been subject only to one JRJ Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) Service Agreement, executed at the time that the JRJ beneficiary first entered into the JRJ Program. BJA is aware that, in certain cases, some JRJ beneficiaries have been asked to, and have subsequently signed, additional JRJSLRP Service Agreements even though the date of said execution occurred within the original 3-year term of the JRJ beneficiary’s obligation of service. Such subsequent “agreements” should not be understood to extend the original term of the service obligation, but rather serve as a reaffirmation and acknowledgement of the original signed agreement and its terms and conditions. State JRJ administering agencies are now required to use Appendix D to the John R. Justice Program application guidance (“JRJSLRP Service Agreement Acknowledgment of Benefit” form) as evidence of such reaffirmation and acknowledgment.

As of 4/3/2018


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