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How long does a JRJ recipient in “repayment status” have before the outstanding debt is referred to the U.S. Treasury Department for collection?

Acting on behalf of OJP, the CRS is a collection service provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”). OJP’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) will receive the list of exiting recipient(s) in repayment status from the SAA and coordinate with BJA to determine which exiting recipients in repayment status will be refer to Treasury, via CRS.

Upon making the determination, OJP’s OCFO will refer the debt to Treasury, via CRS, within 2 business days of receiving the list of exiting recipient(s) in repayment status. Debt disputes should be followed by a request for waiver as described in FAQ number 41 below. In the event such period expires without the total sum of JRJ benefits being repaid by the debtor or appropriate dispute, OJP’s OCFO will immediately refer the remaining debt to Treasury via CRS. If a debtor is not responsive within 65 days after the invoice and due process notification are mailed, CRS refers the case to Treasury Cross-Servicing (FedDebt) for further collection actions. For more information, please reference the JRJ Roles and Responsibilities document.

As of 4/3/2018


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