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Is a JRJ beneficiary eligible to continue receiving JRJ benefits from their state of origin if they attain an eligible position in a different state?

If, after receiving any JRJ benefit, a current JRJ beneficiary changes their state of employment, that individual will no longer be eligible to continue to receive JRJ benefits from the original award-making state. The original state should deem that individual no longer eligible to receive continued benefits and furthermore classify the individual in an exited/repayment status. Under such circumstances, the individual, if they plan to remain employed in an otherwise eligible position as a public defender or public prosecutor (albeit in a different state) for the remaining duration of their JRJ Student Loan Repayment Service Agreement, may request a waiver of repayment and/or apply for continued JRJ benefits through the designated agency in the state of their new employment; however, selection for continued JRJ benefits will not be guaranteed by the new state of employment.

As of 4/3/2018


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