Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does BJA look for when reviewing grant applications?

BJA provides formula grants, discretionary grants, earmark funding, and funding for payment programs to support state, local, tribal, and community efforts to build safe communities.

While BJA awards many grants specifically to state, local, and tribal government, we also provide grant opportunities that support faith-based and non-profit activities.

Please visit our Funding page for a complete list of funding opportunities.

We encourage:

  • Innovation
    Without abandoning what does work, the field should be courageous about developing and implementing new ideas across the spectrum of BJA's mission.
  • Evidence-Based Strategies
    In order to get past the traditional model of reacting to crime after it occurs, and shift instead to a preventative stance, BJA strongly encourages the development of evidence-based strategies that embrace science and data as foundations of policy.
  • Collaboration
    Increasingly, nontraditional collaborations and partnerships are emerging as an effective strategy to address the considerable problems confronting criminal justice practitioners. Whether drug court judge, sheriff, jail administrator, parole board member, treatment professional, supervision officer, community advocate, or law enforcement officer, we seek the same end: a safe community, and a justice system that promotes and supports that goal. In addition to building alliances within one's own field, it is critical to forge effective collaborative relationships with other public and private agencies, and the community members our system of justice is designed to serve.


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