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February/March 2010
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National White Collar Crime Center

Intellectual Property:
Intellectual property (IP) crimes undermine the innovation and creativity that drives America's financial growth. In response, BJA has created the "Intellectual Property Enforcement, Training, and Technical Assistance Program" consisting of 8 field initiated grants and 2 grants for training and technical assistance (TTA). BJA formed a partnership with the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) to raise the awareness level and to improve the quantity and quality of enforcement and prosecution of IP crimes by providing TTA to state and local officials. A schedule of training will be posted on the BJA web site in the near future. It is also anticipated that additional funding for IP field initiated programs to be available in FY 2010.

Mortgage Fraud:
You don't need to be a direct victim of mortgage fraud, foreclosure scams, and vacant property crime to feel the nationwide economic effect of these crimes. To address these crimes, BJA has partnered with NW3C, the National Crime Prevention Council, and The Center for Public Safety Innovation to develop a national TTA network. The goal of this network is to meet the prevention, investigation, and prosecution TTA needs of state and local officials and community stakeholders. TTA will be coordinated with federal and state task forces to complement and expand training and technical assistance as needed. A needs and resource assessment tool has been developed and is posted on the NW3C web site. All law enforcement agencies are encouraged to spend a few minutes with this online assessment, which is located at, in order for your voice to be heard.

On March 25, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, Attorney General Holder announced that new investments included in the FY 2010 budget will soon be distributed to combat mortgage fraud. This spring, nearly $8 million for mortgage fraud enforcement and related efforts, including task forces, will be allocated to state and local agencies.

News You Can Use

Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosures, and Neighborhood Decline
In 2009, the National Institute of Justice hosted a meeting to examine three main themes that relate to crime and foreclosures: mortgage fraud, intimate partner violence, and the onset of crime in neighborhoods with high rates of foreclosures. Read more about the meeting and view the presentations.

Send Your JAG Success Stories to BJA!
Be one of the first to have a BJA JAG-funded program displayed on BJA's new JAG Successes web page. The JAG Successes effort was designed to identify and highlight subgrantee and/or statewide projects that have demonstrated success or have shown promise in meeting the objectives and goals of JAG while positively impacting communities. More

Grants and Funding

BJA has released the following solicitations:

Read OJP's FY 2010 Program Plan. In the Program Plan you'll find funding opportunities and new initiatives from OJP—subject to the 2010 Congressional appropriation—as well as guidance on how to take advantage of those opportunities.

In preparation for FY 2010 solicitations, read BJA's new About Grants section on the BJA web site.

Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) Program
Enacted in 1976, the Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) Program provides death, disability, and education benefits to those eligible for the program. For details regarding these federal benefits for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and first responders killed or catastrophically disabled in the line of duty, call the PSOB Office toll-free at 888–744–6513 or 202–307–0635, or visit
Did You Know?

State and local law enforcement agencies fighting mortgage fraud, foreclosure rescue scams, and crimes related to problem vacant properties, need training and technical assistance (TTA) resources that are responsive to their situations. In response, BJA is developing a nationwide network of subject matter experts to train and assist state and local agencies and community organizations. BJA is coordinating this effort with the FBI and U.S. Attorneys' field offices to make the best use of existing TTA resources and facilitate collaboration with multijurisdictional financial fraud task forces. Watch the BJA web site for information on how your agency can access these TTA resources.

Featured Program

In 2007, Mayor Carlos Alvarez established the Miami-Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task Force. Florida, and particularly southeast Florida, was experiencing an alarming rate of reported mortgage fraud and foreclosures that threatened the economic vitality and quality of life for southeast Florida.

The MFTF developed a systemic and collaborative model to prevent and prosecute mortgage fraud. The task force is charged with addressing legislative and regulatory changes, promoting industry standards, increasing public awareness, and establishing uniform investigative protocols and standardized training for law enforcement. To learn more about the task force and its accomplishments, go to http://wwwstage3. mortgage_fraud.asp.

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