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Smart Defense Initiative Sites include:

Alameda County | Contra Costa | Kentucky | New York City | Texas | Wisconsin

Ten Principles of a Public Defense Delivery System (ABA)
Practical guide for governmental officials, policymakers, and others.
12-page PDF. Approved February 2002 

The Ten Principles: A Resource Guide for Defenders (NLADA)
Guide to information, tools, training, and technical assistance available to help the public defense community.
10-page PDF. Revised December 2015.

Indigent Defense Attorney Mentoring in Texas: A Guide to Establishing a Mentorship Program (NLADA)
Describes mentoring programs currently available in Texas counties. Includes materials that can be used to develop a local mentoring curriculum. 56-page PDF. Published December 2015.

Basic Data Every Defender Program Needs to Track: A Toolkit for Defender Leaders (NLADA)
Answers basic questions for defender leaders on the why, what, and how of information collection. Also suggests how to use the information collected. 28-page PDF. Published July 2014.

There is no available funding at this time. In FY2017 BJA released the Sixth Amendment Training and Technical Assistance Program. More information on that solicitation can be found at

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National Legal Aid and Defense Association is the TTA partner for Smart Defense.

Alyse Altenburg
Policy Advisor



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