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Swift Certain and Fair: Modeling Supervision Responses

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For guidance about identifying and working with a research partner, visit:

The following resources provide information on developing, implementing, and evaluating SCF strategies:

• BJA Center for Research Partnerships and Program Evaluation (CRPPE)

• Anchorage Probation Accountability with Certain Enforcement (PACE) (Alaska Judicial Council, September 2011) and (Alaska Justice Forum, October 2017)


• Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE)

• Example of a Warning Hearing

• National Institute of Justice (NIJ) "Swift and Certain" sanctions web page

• National Network for Safe Communities: Swift, Certain, and Fair

• NIJ Report: Managing Drug-Involved Offenders (Angela Hawken, Steven Davenport, Mark A.R. Kleiman; July 2014)

• South Dakota's 24/7 Sobriety project and (RAND Corporation, December 6, 2012)

The Swift Certain Fair (SCF) Resource Center provides technical assistance to help SCF grantees make the most of their federal grant dollars to support sustainable, successful, and evidence-based SCF initiatives. The SCF Resource Center also provides support to non-grantee practitioners, researchers, and others in the field. The SCF Resource Center can:

Connect grantees to research and resources, learning opportunities, and outside expertise through a library of publications, tools, and news items on SCF principles and models, regular distance learning opportunities (e.g., webinars) with national practitioners and academic experts, and individual consultation with subject matter experts and experienced practitioners.

Support implementation through on- and off-site technical assistance. Includes guidance to develop sanctions and rewards schemes and partnering with other justice agencies; assess and improve policies and practices; offer insights on roadblocks that past grantees have encountered and strategies used to work around them. Also offers tools to develop a strategic plan to prioritize, implement, and sustain SCF efforts.

Link grantees to peers by hosting peer learning forums, as well as referrals to peers and past SCF recipients with similar programs and objectives, and holding forums to publicize grantees' work and to facilitate learning from the work of peers.

For additional information, visit

Heather Tubman-Carbone, Ph.D.
Senior Policy Advisor
(202) 514-1158


Innovative Responses to Behavior in the Community: Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision

The FY 2018 Innovative Responses to Behavior in the Community: Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision solicitation is now available. The purpose of this opportunity is to provide state and local parole and probation agencies with information, resources, and training and technical assistance to improve responses to offender behavior in accordance with the principles of swiftness, certainty, and fairness to prevent recidivism and reduce crime in their jurisdictions. Apply by: May 14, 2018.


Innovative Responses to Behavior in the Community: Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision
Application Deadline: 05/14/2018, 11:59 PM
BJA is seeking applications for funding associated with the principles underpinning Project HOPE for: (1) states, localities, and tribes to implement or enhance a Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision Program model; and (2) the Swift, Certain, and Fair Resource Center.



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