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LEFG is not a funded program.

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Steven Edwards
Senior Policy Advisor

Increasing Analytic Capacity of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies: Moving Beyond Data Analysis to Create a Vision for Change, (NCJ 242572) BJA-Sponsored, 2012. This report provides an in-depth look at the successful integration of analytics within law enforcement agencies. It examines the application and impact of several initiatives, some of which are based on intelligence-led policing.

Leading Our Most Important Resource: Police Personnel Issues in the Year 2020, (NCJ 242573), BJA-Sponsored, 2013. In this paper, the authors have attempted to envision personnel issues that will affect U.S. police departments by the year 2020. Studies dealing with the future are by their very nature speculative. However, every effort was made to ensure that the forecasts contained in this report were built upon solid ground.

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Funding Available for Law Enforcement National Initiatives: Improving Responses to Criminal Justice Issues

This program focuses on national initiatives to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system, specifically by providing training to communities to address victim and witness intimidation; training to strengthen the investigative function of law enforcement agencies; and, coordinating activities of the BJA Criminal Justice Forecasting Group. Applications are due May 10, 2016.

New LEFG Web Site Launched

The new BJA Law Enforcement Forecasting Group (LEFG) web site is now available at The LEFG was created to identify emerging issues and to explore tactics and strategies that might assist law enforcement agencies in providing quality police services. The primary objectives of the LEFG are to forecast issues and concerns that might require increased law enforcement resources and attention and identify current or emerging trends, programs, and developments that could help law enforcement perform effectively in the future.

Attorney General Honors Fallen Officers

"Our nation can never repay the debts we owe to our fallen officers and their families," said Attorney General Holder during his remarks at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund's 26th Annual Candlelight Vigil on May 13, 2014.

Q&A on the Value of Crime Analysts

Read a Q&A session with Dr. Craig Uchida—a BJA Visiting Fellow and member of the Law Enforcement Forecasting Group—in which crime analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and the new CBKB publication, Putting a Value on Crime Analysts: Considerations for Law Enforcement Executives, are discussed.

Matrix Demonstration Project Offers Two New Modules on Crime Analysis

George Mason University's Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy's Matrix Demonstration Project, which is funded by BJA, recently released two new online training modules: "Crime Analysis for Commanders" and "Crime Analysis for Operations." These FREE BJA-funded trainings are an excellent resource for those interested in crime analysis and how it can benefit law enforcement operations.



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