Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

Maryland’s Violent Offender Warrant Initiative

BJA Program(s): Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program
State(s): MD

Grantee Agency: Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention (multiple subgrants)

Grant Amount/Year(s): FY 2011/$500,000

About the Program:

At the direction of Governor Martin O'Malley, Maryland set in motion an intensified effort to arrest violent offenders wanted on open arrest warrants in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Prince George's County. Using grant funding provided by the Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program, teams of local and state law enforcement officers worked collaboratively to aggressively target and apprehend violent offenders that pray on Maryland neighborhoods and who pose a threat to the safety and security of our citizens.

Program Successes/Effect on the Community:

Starting in June 2011 in Baltimore City and later expanding to Prince George's County and Baltimore County, law enforcement officers were able to apprehend 2,064 offenders wanted for crimes such as murder, attempted murder, rape and other sexual assaults, child abuse, robbery and aggravated assaults. In addition to the 2,064 offenders who were arrested, detainers were placed against 468 other offenders found to be already incarcerated on unrelated charges.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the grant funding, warrants were carefully prioritized to ensure that officers were pursuing offenders who posed the greatest threats to public safety. As Kristen Mahoney, the Executive Director of the Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention said, "If you remove over 2,000 violent offenders from the street in a seven month period, it will have an effect on crime."

Here are examples of the types of offenders that were removed from the streets:

  • A 24 year old man wanted for sodomizing a young boy who was also wanted for escape and second degree assault.
  • A Baltimore City man on parole for 1st Degree Murder who violated his parole by being charged with a new crime, Attempted Murder.
  • A man wanted for an aggravated assault who has a history of possessing illegal firearms, sexual assault and possession with intent to distribute controlled dangerous substances.

Learn More:
To learn more about the program, please contact:
Edward Parker
Deputy Director
Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention


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