Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

RESTORE (Regional and State Transitional Offender Reentry) Initiative

BJA Program(s): Second Chance Act (SCA)
State(s): FL

Jurisdiction(s): Palm Beach County

Grantee Agency: Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners

Grant Amount/Year(s): FY 2010/750000; FY 2012/750000

About the Program:

Palm Beach County, Florida (PBC), in partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC), implements a project that delivers a comprehensive model for inmate reentry into Palm Beach County. The Regional and State Transitional Offender Reentry (RESTORE) Initiative, established in 2011, is designed to reduce recidivism by 50% over a 5-year period for the target population by identifying needs, providing targeted evidence-based programs, and coordinating pre- and post-release services that will assist inmates transitioning from prison to the community. Three hundred and eighty-four (384) FDC inmates that are returning to Palm Beach County that are within the last 18-36 months of their sentence are housed at the Sago Palm Reentry Center in Palm Beach County so the program can begin working with the inmates before they are released. Medium and high risk inmates are identified using the validated LSI-r Risk and Needs Assessment and receive Victim Impact Classes, Family Reunification Services, Thinking For a Change Classes, GED Instruction, Vocational Training, and Counseling. An individual Transition Plan is also developed pre-release. This plan creates a road map to successful reentry for each inmate. A post-release case manager makes contact with the inmates before they are released in order to establish a relationship and then follows through with what is outlined in the transition plan once the inmate is released. The Ex-Offenders flow through 5 phases of programming: Phase I (Pre-Release Services), Phase II (Identification and Basic Needs), Phase III (Housing and Treatment), Phase IV (Employment), and Phase V (Maintenance and Sustainability)

Program Successes/Effect on the Community:

The University of South Florida conducted an independent evaluation in 2013 and had the following findings and recommendations: 

  • The RESTORE initiative has led to significant improvements in County funded reentry programs and as a result a systemic approach exists for reentry, at least for that portion funded by RESTORE.
  • The RENEW data system provides an integrated data system that is essential to the continued success of the County’s reentry programs and also provides a vehicle for performing long-term and cross-system evaluation of individual client outcomes.     
  • The administrative position established to provide CJC oversight of reentry programs across the County has been an essential ingredient to the success of RESTORE.     
  • The County’s approach to reentry, as exemplified by RESTORE, can become a national model if sustained in Palm Beach County.

“While 31% of those in RESTORE were rearrested within a year of release, the re-arrest rate for the comparison group was 68% or more than double. This must be marked as a success for RESTORE, given that the groups were comparable in terms of prior convictions and average length of time and numbers of times in prison.”

Learn More:
To learn more about the program, please contact:
Craig Spatara
RESTORE Program Manager
Phone: 561-355-2326

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