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What Is Crime Prevention?

There are a variety of crime prevention programs/ strategies that use specific approaches to anticipate, recognize, appraise, and address crime and/or the factors contributing to crime. Crime prevention may be targeted at different levels including the individual, community, family, or particular types of locations. Usually, individual level crime prevention refers to initial avoidance of crime; that is preventing someone from ever committing a crime. These types of crime prevention programs typically target risk factors shown to be related to offending. Sometimes, the term crime prevention is used in reference to programs that are designed to prevent individuals from committing subsequent crimes (i.e., recidivating). Crime prevention programs or strategies focused on the community may target changes in the community infrastructure, culture or physical nature in order to reduce crime. Examples of these types of programs include neighborhood watch, community policing, and Weed and Seed. Particular types of places, because of their function(s), may be the focus of crime prevention as well. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and "hot spot" policing are examples of place-oriented crime prevention programs/strategies.

This program area includes evaluation information on Community-Based Crime Prevention, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and Gang Programs and Strategies.

BJA Resources Related to Crime Prevention

BJA Crime Prevention
National Association of Town Watch
National Citizens Crime Prevention Campaign
National Crime Prevention Council
National Neighborhood Watch
Volunteers in Police Services

Other Resources for Crime Prevention

International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

State and Local Crime Prevention Resources

Arizona Crime Prevention Association
Florida Crime Prevention Association
Illinois Crime Prevention Association
Iowa Crime Prevention Association
Kentucky Crime Prevention Association
Maryland Crime Prevention Association
Crime Prevention Association of Michigan
Minnesota Crime Prevention Association
Ohio Crime Prevention Association
Rhode Island Crime Prevention Association
South Carolina's State Association of Crime Prevention Officers
Texas Crime Prevention Association
Virginia Crime Prevention Association
Washington State Crime Prevention Association
Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association

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