The BJA Grant Writing and Management Academy
The BJA Grant Writing and Management Academy gives you the tools you need to create a blueprint for success for your federally funded grant programs.

About the training…

The Bureau of Justice Assistance has established The Grant Writing and Management Academy for criminal justice practitioners and state, local, and tribal jurisdictions (including any community- and/or faith-based partners) that apply for or receive federal grants. This training provides an overview of project planning, management, administration, and assessment of federally funded programs. The training encourages participants to think strategically about how they develop and fund projects. Participants are introduced to a variety of methods and tools used to identify community problems, administer and manage projects, and assess performance.

Screenshot of the first module, “Before Applying for BJA Funds”
Module 1: Before Applying
for BJA Funds
The first module—Before Applying for BJA Funds—provides an overview of BJA, its funding opportunities, and the purpose of and the rules associated with grant funds and highlights various tools and resources available from BJA to help perspective applicants and grantees. Many potential applicants are unaware of the various rules and requirements associated with applying for and receiving federal grant funds. This module will help clarify those responsibilities so that applicants will know what is expected of them should they decide to apply for grant funds. In addition, the module offers tips to help agencies receive the variety of notices regarding funding availability in a timely fashion.

Screenshot of the second module, “Applying for BJA Funds”
Module 2: Applying for
BJA Funds
The second module—Applying for BJA Funds—addresses preapplication activities, such as registration with and solicitation format requirements. It also covers the application process, including information required for each section and tips on how to present the material to address the requested information, how applications are reviewed, and what an applicant can expect in terms of next steps and timing of award announcements.

Screenshot of the third module, “Managing Your BJA Funds”
Module 3: Managing
Your BJA Funds
The third module—Managing Your BJA Funds—will offer an overview of the various administrative and financial requirements associated with managing a federal grant project, provide suggestions and methods to help manage daily project activities, and discuss the importance of ensuring accountability in all project operations.

Screenshot of the fourth module, “Strategic Planning”
Module 4: Strategic Planning
The fourth module—Strategic Planning—is a supplemental module that provides information on the benefits of strategic planning and provides suggestions on how undertaking sound project planning will assist projects to be more effective and efficient in their operation.

Screenshot of the fifth module, “Budget”
Module 5: Budget
The fifth module—Budget—is a supplemental module that provides more in-depth information on budget development, budget categories, and budget narrative provided as a part of a grant application.

A video transcript is available for each module via the Video Transcript link at the bottom of each page.

Because BJA has a wide audience of potential applicants and grantees, we are always seeking ways to better serve you. In that regard, we have included a feedback mechanism as a "pop-up" at the end of each module. We encourage you to provide us feedback on the substantive material addressed in the training, as well as your experience with the BJA Grant Writing and Management Academy. Please consider providing comments and suggestions on the functionality of the tool—was it easy to use?; delivery—was the information conveyed clearly; and the future—what additional topics would you like to see?

You will learn about:

  • Issues and requirements to consider before applying for BJA funds.
  • Steps and development required to submit a well-rounded application.
  • Management and administration necessary for a successful project.
  • Supplemental information focusing on strategic planning and budget development.

Training topics include:

  • Project Strategy and Design
  • Problem Validation and Data Gathering
  • Partnerships
  • Management Strategies
  • Project Integrity, Accomplishments, and Sustainment
  • Resource Development

This project was supported by Grant Number 2002-LD-BX-K001 awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice.