Yavapai Apache Tribe

Grant Amount: $87,000

Location: The Yavapai-Apache Reservation encompasses four non-contiguous parcels of land located within the Verde Valley, Arizona. The planned site for the project is 3462 Smith Avenue, Camp Verde, Arizona.

Scope: The Yavapai-Apache Nation received a grant of $87,000 and is providing an in-kind amount of $9,700 for a project total budget of $96,700. The Project involves renovating an existing two-cell holding facility contained within a larger correctional facility that is owned and operated by the Yavapai-Apache Nation. The scope of work is for: upgrading the two existing holding cells to make them suitable for secure holding; installing a security monitoring system consisting of 2 monitors, one recorder, and nine cameras; and purchasing five laptops and one desktop computer with workstation furniture and supplies.

Status: The project required minimal design work that has been completed. The Nation provided its own general contracting and design services using a tribal-owned company. Construction of the security upgrades on the two cells began in October 2009 and was completed in the spring of 2010. Security upgrades included installing hardened detention grade walls, ceilings, finishes, plumbing, and electrical fixtures. The cells were previously constructed using gypsum board drywall, drop ceilings, and residential toilet fixtures.

The security monitoring system equipment was purchased and installed and is operational. The renovation is complete and the grant has been programmatically closed.