Native Village of Kwinhagak –
Construction of Quinhagak Multi-purpose Tribal Justice Center

Grant Amount: $1,350,000

Location:  The Native Village of Kwinhagak (NVK)  is located on the Kanektok River, less than a mile from the east shore of the Kuskokwim Bay. It is 71 miles south-southwest of Bethel, a community of 5,000 that serves as the air transportation hub of the region. It is located 400 miles west of Anchorage. The community covers a total area of 5.2 square miles consisting of tundra and wetlands. The project is located in the Carter Road subdivision south of the NVK tribal offices. The site is flat and easily accessible.

Scope:  The project includes the design and construction of a one-story 2,448 square foot multi-purpose tribal justice center that will serve as both a holding facility and justice center. The facility will contain six cells, a booking area, evidence lockers, bathrooms, laundry space, offices, a conference room, and reception and entry areas. The structure will consist of wood framing, wood trusses, and a metal roof, all supported by a specialized arctic foundation system designed to support structures built on permafrost. The building mechanical systems will include an oil-filled boiler, expansion tanks, hot water heater, glycol makeup unit, and a sewage lush tank and haul system. NVK plans to build a site access road with tribal funds. Electrical power and water services are available nearby and the sewer service will be a self-contained holding tank system.

Status: Project design is complete. NVK issued an RFP for A/E services on July 11, 2009. The NEPA process is complete. The NEPA Environmental Assessment final Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was issued on May 16, 2011.

Construction of the facility began in summer 2011 with the delivery and placement of the gravel pad foundation. Due to unforeseen and abnormal rainy weather conditions, completion of the gravel foundation did not occur until summer 2012. To date construction of the triodetic foundation system, floor joists and sub-floor installation has been completed. The building envelope is scheduled for completion by November, 2012. This date is contingent upon delivery of the remaining materials on October 16, 2012. All remaining construction materials have either been delivered to the site or are included in the current proposed delivery. It is estimated that the Project will achieve substantial completion by April 2013.

The Project is not within the initial anticipated construction budget. The Project budget is $1,500,000, which includes the CFTL 2009 grant amount of $1,350,000 and multiple NVK in-kind contribute ones totaling $150,000. NVK has requested supplemental funding from BJA via a CSCATL 2012 grant in the amount of $124,278, which is pending issuance. Therefore, the total Project budget upon receipt of additional BJA grant monies is $1,624,278. NVK requested a no-cost grant extension from BJA on October 5, 2012. BJA review of the revised schedule and subsequent approval of the revised schedule is pending.

The next major steps for the project are the completion of the building envelope, installation of interior building components, securing additional funding and project substantial completion.

NVK does not intend to request Operations and Maintenance funding from BIA. Funding for O&M of the facility will be provided by the City of Quinhagak with annual contributions between $50,000 and $75,000 through Bingo donations, cooperative agreements with NVK and allocations through public safety business plans.