Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation—
Renovation of a Detention Facility

Grant Amount: $899,677

Location: The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation is located in north-central Washington State and is composed of 1.4 million acres. Tribal headquarters are located on the Colville Indian Agency campus near the town of Nespelem and the reservation is divided into tribally-owned lands, individually-owned trust lands, and non-tribally owned fee lands. The reservation borders the Okanogan River to the west, and Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia River to the south and east. Tribal lands are located approximately 100 miles northwest of Spokane. The project location is approximately two miles south of the City of Nespelem and two miles west of Highway 155.

Scope: The project consists of renovating the existing Colville Tribe Correctional Facility to address construction deficiencies discovered after construction of the Facility in 2004. The facility is composed of 28,575 square feet and is capable of housing 40 adult males and 20 adult female inmates. The facility includes areas for corrections, administration, laundry, kitchen, multi-use rooms, indoor and outdoor recreation, and a sally port.

Renovation tasks include, but are not limited to: crack repairs to the existing concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls; enlarging the exterior sweat lodges; repairing exterior frost heaved sidewalks and sally port enclosure; upgrading the security surveillance and electrical systems; and the installation of an insulation system to allow for adequate interior heating and cooling.

Status: The project budget is $1,020,975, which includes the BJA grant of $899,677 and tribal contributions of $121,298. The project received National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance via a Categorical Exclusion (CatEx) on June 7, 2011. Renovation activities commenced in June 2012 and are approximately 70 percent complete. Remaining renovation work includes interior crack repairs, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, and enclosing of the sally port. These three renovations are currently in the solicitation process and are expected to begin by spring 2013 or as the weather allows. Project completion is anticipated by the new approved grant completion date of September 30, 2013.