Hualapai Tribal Nation –
Renovation of the Detention and Rehabilitation Center

Grant Amount: $976,935

Location: The Hualapai Tribal Nation (HTN) is a federally recognized Indian tribe located in northwestern Arizona. The Hualapai Reservation encompasses approximately 1 million acres along 108 miles of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, occupying part of three northern Arizona counties: Coconino, Yavapai, and Mohave. The Reservation's topography varies from rolling grassland, to thick forests, to rugged canyons. Roughly 75 percent of the reservation's 1,700 residents are tribal members, most of whom reside in the reservation's capital town of Peach Springs. The project is located in Peach Springs, Arizona, on Hualapai Way, just west of Highway 66, and adjacent to the existing Hualapai Health and Wellness Center.

Scope: The project involves establishing an Alternative to Correction Transitional Living Facility by renovating the existing 3,600 square foot Hualapai Indian Health Services (IHS) building. The project also involves conducting strategic planning to expand the existing Hualapai Adult Detention Facility. Additionally, project funds will be used to hire key project personnel, including a house manager, treatment coordinator, a social worker, and a licensed practical nurse. The renovated Living Facility will provide safe housing, treatment, and education services to both males and females during pre-adjudication, post-adjudication, and post-sentencing. The Living Facility's space program includes dormitories, food preparation area, dining areas, and staff offices

Renovations to the IHS building will include complete replacement of all systems, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, fire alarm, and telecommunications. All interior finishes, including, ceilings, flooring, interior partitions, and fixtures will also be replaced. Exterior improvements will include repairing the fa├žade, replacing windows, and repairing the roof. Due to the building's age, hazardous material abatement will likely be required.

Status: The renovations are complete. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance was granted via a Categorical Exclusion (CatEx) on November 17, 2011. HTN is utilizing a traditional design-bid-build approach to project delivery and awarded an architectural and engineering (A/E) services contract to Justice Solutions Group (JSG) of Closter, New Jersey in March 2012. Upon completion of schematic designs, JSG subcontracted the preparation of the construction documents to Louis Berger Group (LBG) of Morristown, New Jersey. LBG completed the construction documents February 2013 and an advertisement for general construction proposals was issued in March 2013.

A pre-bid meeting was held on March 29, 2013 and bids were opened on April 24, 2013. However, none of the bids were within budget. HTN and their consultants performed value engineering (VE) and issued a second invitation to bid in May 2013. The second round of bidding did not yield a bid within budget, but HTN entered into price and contract negotiations with Cholla Managing Group (CMG). HTN procured additional third-party VE services to bring the project within budget and executed a construction contract with CMG in October 2013.

CMG commenced the renovations in November 2013 and the project reached substantial completion in March 2014.  Final completion of the renovations was achieved in May 2014 upon completion of the punchlist.

As of September 2014, HTN has hired key staff for the Living Facility including a program supervisor and treatment coordinator.  HTN is in the process of coordinating the activation of the facility and operations are anticipated to commence by fall 2014.