Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma –
Renovation of Detention Center

Grant Amount: $289,516

Location: The Ponca Indian Tribe of Oklahoma (PTO), also known as the Ponca Nation, is headquartered in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and has tribal jurisdictional areas in parts of Kay and Noble counties. The project is located approximately eight miles south of Ponca City, Oklahoma in the town of White Eagle, and is adjacent to the White Eagle Health center located at 200 White Eagle Drive.

Scope: The project consists of renovating the 1,800 square foot detention area of the 4,000 square foot Ponca Community Safety Center, which is occupied by BIA OJS personnel from the Pawney Agency in District 2. The original renovation plan included upgrading building systems to improve the safety, security, and the functionality of the holding area, thus allowing PTO law enforcement to regain jurisdiction from BIA to arrest and detain individuals suspected of crimes. However, PTO is considering altering the plan to better serve the immediate needs of the community. In particular, the tribe is considering renovating the space to serve as an alternative to corrections program space.

Status: The project is in the conceptual design stage. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance was obtained in April 2012. PTO is working with BJA technical assistance providers to conduct facility and needs assessments to finalize the renovation plan. The tribe will submit a grant adjustment notice (GAN) for a change in scope once conceptual designs are completed.  PTO has not settled on a delivery method for the project, but is considering a design-build approach.